How to be the most safe when you are travelling

Hello fello safety-dwellers. Today I am going to be talking a bit about how to properly ensure you are as safe as you can be when you are out and about on a given trek! Biking, or walking, or wherever!

I get this concern a good deal. I have made a watchful and conscientious option to not wear a helmet when I’m biking in urban regions since I strongly imagine that it will support improve the general safety of cycling in the lengthy run.

It’s an intuitive place to take. Folks have experimented with to explanation with me that due to the fact I have expended so significantly cash and time building my mind, and the cost of an injury would be so devastating, it is clearly far more essential to dress in a helmet. But if we commence looking into the analysis, there is a robust argument to be created that donning a bike helmet could in fact enhance your danger of harm, and boost the threat of injuries of all the cyclists about you.