Nail Fungus Secrets?

Nail fungus affects a lot of people, but most of them, although they notice the obvious symptoms, do nothing for years. Unfortunately, despite their hope, nail fungus doesn’t go away by itself and, even, worse, keeps on developing and of becoming more and more severe. There are many home remedies for nail fungus that you can place in practice, but you have to be aware that, since it took a lot of time for the fungus to evolve, it’s sure going to play a while before healing. Most home remedies for nail fungus need to be implemented with perseverance and outcomes will be seen in a couple of months. The healthy nail needs to grow until the area affected by fungus disappears.

Fungus of the toe nail can be caused by several types of microorganisms.  Fungi that are from the dermatophyte group are only one example.  Molds and yeasts can also cause nail fungus.  A person can catch toe nail fungus by simply showering where someone with toe nail fungus has showered and swimming along the same pool as somebody who has toe nail fungus. Click here click here for more.

Nail fungus symptoms typically start with a yellow or white dot.  As the infection spreads, the nail begins to darken more.  Sometimes, the nails can even begin protruding or detaching from the toes or fingers.

The Magic Nail Fungus?

Tea tree oil-It is best to be applied undiluted on the affected nail because it has strong antiseptic properties. Everyone who is serious about this topic; take a peek at;

Apple cider vinegar-Mix the amount of apple cider vinegar with the same number of water and soak your nails in it for half an hour every day. If the fungus is itchy, put apple cider vinegar on a cloth and hold it between your toes.

Oregano oil mixed with olive oil-The mixture has antiseptic, antibacterial and fungicidal action, but it should not be used for longer than three weeks.

Chamomile tea-Apply it directly on the affected nail for at least three times a day. You can also drink a few cups a day.

Ginger tea-It contains a lot of antifungal substances and it’s one of the home remedies for toenail fungus that is preferable to be both applied locally as compresses and consumed on a daily basis.

Garlic-Blend raw garlic and apply it on the nail; use garlic powder on your feet and shoes to put an end to the fungus from spreading.

Hydrogen peroxide-Soak your nails in hydrogen peroxide two times a day and keep them there for 20 minutes. If you consider it is harsh on your nails, dilute it with water.


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